‘Tis the Season…

Johnson Christmasn 1979

Christmas for me has always been a time to share with family. This is a shot of my Grandparents from Christmas in 1979—the last before my grandfather died in May of 1980. The two younger children facing away are my cousin and my brother. I’m in the center.

Happy Holidays!



The Family of Cornelius and Ellen Shea.

This is the family of Cornelius and Ellen (Cunningham) Shea. From left to right: George, my Great Grandfather Robert James (in back), Cornelius holding his youngest daughter Donna, Loretta, Ellen, Earl (in back), Glen and Richard. At the time of this photograph (based on Dick and Donna’s size) the family probably still lived in Leelanau County, Michigan.

We tend to refer in our family to a Shea sense of humor. One of the stories most often told about Cornelius is that when my Great-Grandmother Cora was pregnant with my Uncle Bob she somehow fell in a well. Cornelius couldn’t help her… he was laughing too hard. My Aunt June still sounds outraged when she tells the story… but Grandma can’t tell it or listen to it without laughing.

Happy Hunting!


My Grandpa Bailey would have turned 104 today.

Harold Edward Bailey, Sr.

Harold Edward Bailey born December 7, 1907 and died in July of 1996. He was my Great-Grandmother Crystal’s second husband and helped raise my Grandfather, Great Aunts and Uncle, along with their son, Harold Jr. He was a long time employee of Kirkhoff Manufacturing Corporation from which he retired in 1969. He will also always be known to a select few for helping to invent the recipe for the  secret sauce at The Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan.

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My Great-Aunt Rachel York Elliott has fascinated me ever since my father told me about her. He remembers going to Arkansas to live with his Aunt Rachel for a year when he was about 4 years old. Rachel was a teacher and he went to school each day with her and attended Miss. Alexander’s class learning his numbers and letters. This is the only picture I’ve seen of her. She was the second child of Philip Henry York and his first wife Mary Wilfong and lived from 1898 to 1971. She married Fred Elliott in 1925, in Warren, Bradley Co, Arkansas.

This photo is from my grandmother’s photo collection.

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Thanksgiving has always been a holiday I associate with my father’s family. So, that’s the direction I wanted to go with my Not-Quite-Wordless-Wednesday post this week.

 Herman, Sandy Napoleon, Mary, and Preston Garet York.

This picture shows four of my grandmother’s fourteen older siblings: Herman, Sandy Napoleon, Mary, and Preston Garet York. They are all the children of Philip Henry York and his three wives. Sandy was the second oldest and the son of Mary (Wilfong) York, Mary and Preston were two of Mattie (Phillips) York’s children, and Herman (like my Grandmother) was the child of Sally (Wheeler) York.

Happy Hunting & Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s seems the natural progression to come another step forward with the Porter’s from last week’s Wordless Wednesday post—especially since I have grander plan for introducing the Holdens (coming soon!). So, this week meet my Great-Grandmother Crystal (Porter Johnson) Bailey and my Step-Great-Grandfather, Harold Bailey, Sr. Grandma Crystal died in 1968 so my stories about her came mostly from my mother and Grandpa Bailey. I credit Grandpa as one of the people who helped me get started on my genealogy when I had to work on a family tree for a Girl Scout badge back in elementary school.

These are my 2nd Great-grandparents Lula V. (Holden) and Charles Erwin “Wynn” Porter. Charles was the second son of George E. Porter (from last week’s Wordless Wednesday Post). He was a farmer and is noted in the Rockford Register for making key plays for the Rogue Rex baseball team. Lula was the daughter of Chapin and Lois Holden and was a favorite of my grandma—both of them being noted gossips!

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