A collage of family photos.

A collage of family photos.

My Families are varied:

Goodlaw, Hampton, Newton, Rogers, Trotter, Webb, Wheeler, and York from African-American lines from Bradley Co., Arkansas.
Byrne, Cory, Cunningham, Massy/Massey, Packer, Shea who came from Ireland, England, and  Scotland by way of Ontario, Canada and upstate New York to Leelanau, MI and then Grand Rapids, MI.
Baker, Gilbert, Gordon, Grove, Johnson / Surfling, Lapham; Helsel, Holden, Morningstar, Porter, and Skiff, most of which ended up in the four corners of Kent County, MI at Algoma, Cannon, Courtland, and Plainfield Townships.
I have also spent time on  my adoptive Great-grandfather’s family the Baileys (married a Porter) and their cluster lines (Groner, McCormac, Dunn, King, etc,) from Kent Co. back to Rhode Island because Grandpa was one of the first people to help me when I started researching the first time for a Girl Scout Badge (more than 20 years ago).

2 Responses to “Family Names”

  1. George E McCabe Says:

    Very interesting. Captain Alison was my ggg grandfather. His daughter Mary, my gg grandmother. I have a portrait in oil of Charles Alison.

    George McCabe
    Ottawa ON

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying… some kind of glitch the last time I tried. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Mary is one of the family members I don’t have much information on. Did she marry a MacDonald? As for the painting of Charles, I would be very curious to see it. I found a drawing of him in the book, “The English Against the Persians” by Denis Wright which looks like a caricature but fits other descriptions I’ve read about him. And, as noted in the blog, I’m a descendant of Jane and Lt. Hugh Massy.

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