Trotters, 1971

‘Tis the season! This week I was going through Christmas specific pictures and came across this lovely shot of my Aunt and my Grandmother from around 1971. It’s a little fuzzy but I love the lace. I have to say my dad’s family has consistently had style! Remember Dad’s Nehru jacket? And, oh, if Uncle would only let me show you some of his looks in the 1960’s and 1970s—the hats alone are fabulous!

Happy holidays and happy hunting,


Rebecca Huntingon PorterToday is the 177th Anniversary of my 4th Great Grandmother’s birth. Rebecca Huntington was born in Vermont and orphaned at a young age. She was brought to Michigan as a child. She married Seth Porter, Jr. on October 4th in 1852. The couple had at least seven children including my 3rd Great Grandfather, George Erwin Porter.

Grandpa Harold Bailey, 1982

Just a quick remembrance…

Grandpa Bailey (my Step Great-Grandfather, Harold Bailey) would have turned 107 this week.

The photo is from my father’s collection taken at one of the Bailey/Johnson Christmas gatherings—probably in 1982.

Happy Hunting!


GourdsI hope everyone is enjoying their time with friends and family! And I thank you all for joining me in my research both in person and from afar. This blog is both to keep me motivated and to bring people together and from my point of view it is working. Thank you for all your kind comments, stories, and support!

This lovely fall shot is from our Traverse trip in 2009 taken in front of Chateau Grand Traverse on Old Mission Peninsula.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Thanksgiving 2002I think that I’ve mentioned before that my childhood memories of Thanksgiving focus largely on my father’s family. That was our tradition the holiday itself was reserved for trips to the Detroit area, huge meals and a hose full of people. These were often followed by a trip to Grand Rapids sometime on the weekend to catch up with mom’s family as well. But that holiday itself is one I associate with Grandma Trotter and I’m thinking of her on this Thanksgiving Eve.

The photos my brother, my grandmother and I at my aunts’ home in Greater Detroit back in 2002.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your families, share, and listen!


P. S. Friday is a National Day of Listening and tomorrow is National Family Health History Day… Celebrate!


Someone is celebrating a birthday this week! And looking back at pictures made me wonder where the time went, as this young man is now way closer to driving than I’m comfortable with. I took this shot at my Grandmother’s home in Rockford, Michigan in 2002. And as a bit of trivia it’s the same house as last week’s picture.

Happy hunting,


Post Deer Hunt

I am a total city kid and hunting is a foreign concept to me, but we’ve definitely had (and have) hunters in the family. So in a slight nod to deer season—but more because of the looks on the kids’ faces—here’s a home from deer camp style picture. I believe this shot includes my 1st cousins once removed (of the Johnson and Bailey persuasions)—Brinda, Tom, Robin and… Craig? Please feel free to correct me, but age-wise that makes the most sense. It was taken at my Great Uncle’s home in Rockford in the 1960s and the photo came from the collection of my grandmother.

Happy hunting,



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