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I am very lucky to be a descendant of American veterans who survived their various enlistments. Both my Grandfathers served during the Korean War, my uncle Mike served during the Cold war, my 3rd Great Grandfather Henry R. Massy served briefly in the Civil War as did two of his brothers, and my 7th Great Grandfather served in the Revolutionary War. And that’s leaving out the many uncles and cousins who also served or for that matter are serving now. That said I am so thankful for those who gave their life for our country and our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day!




Welcome all to 2012! I’ve taken a bit of time to reflect on my genealogy year and am doubly determined to keep this blog going as it’s had a profound effect on my research and connected and re-connected me with a group of wonderful people. And it’s the season for resolutions and while I haven’t really planned out anything yet I have a few goals to work towards:

Close to home, I hope to better utilize the Library of Michigan and the Archives of Michigan. I have had fabulous success with both institutions and I just need to keep making time to do research at the Historical Center.

The winter will see me trying to plan out spring/summer road trips… I’m currently eyeing Alison/Packer/Massy research in Ontario, trips to ACPL in Fort Wayne, and the Burton Historical Collection in Detroit. Though my travel wish list is huge and if it works better to head in other directions I’ll do it.

I’m looking forward to taking some time with the 1940 Census after it’s posted in April. I am hoping it will shed more light on my many Bradley County, Arkansas families in particular.

Also, I need to get a little more organized—something the blog is definitely helping. As I go through and decide on what to write about in the between trip and trip planning parts of the year I’m coming up with a number of questions that need answers both to further and flesh out my research.

But whatever happens, I’ll keep up the posts and let you all know what I’m working on.

Happy Hunting!


On this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for so many things but I’ll confine my comments to my year in genealogy.

I started the year with a solid layer of dust on my research and a series of events made me rethink what was important to me in my hobbies and life in general.  One of the choices I made was to put more time into this hobby both for myself and for my family and to share as much as I can with them as I work. Hence, this blog was born. Throughout the year both leading up to this and since I started the blog I have received support, warm wishes and lovely advice from great readers I’ve never met, as well as my family and friends. Thank you all! I am also very thankful for my little cheering section—the ones I hear when I can’t decide what to write, who have inspired me with kind words and feedback. Thank you, Jeri, Bobbie, Kris, and Ariana!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Happy hunting,


I kept saying I’d do it and a friend at my library inspired me to get a move on with her enthusiasm as she became interested in researching her family. So, “Hello world!”

Give me a little time to figure out what I’m doing… but ideally this will be a place where I pull thoughts together while researching my varied family lines.

I have effectively been away from genealogy in the  past couple of years but this spring I had a couple of wake-up calls that helped me remember that this hobby of mine is one of my true passions and I’d been neglecting it to my own detriment.

Anyway, I’m back with renewed passion, a ton of leads and boxes full of information that has sat between research trips. So, in this blog I’ll be talking about sources, mulling over brickwalls, talking triumphs, and posting roadtrip diaries.

Stay tuned!!!


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